Greener on the Other Side Go Forth and Science

Straying from the usual science-and-adventure theme of this podcast (because, let’s be real, the election is coming up and who can’t talk about it), in this episode we’re going to hash out the big concept of environmental policy. My guest Tori worked with environmental laws in Congress for a year and describes what it was like to be a scientist in our government, how we can protect the natural places we love, and weighs in on some of her favorite outcomes of our country’s political history. 
  1. Greener on the Other Side
  2. It’s a ShinDig
  3. The Real Rock Stars
  4. How many rights are left?
  5. Claim to Flame
  6. An ImportAnt Topic
  7. Let’s Get Down to Pacifics
  8. Under Pressure
  9. Whatever Floats Your Boat
  10. Carrying the Extra Weight
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