On the Bright Side Go Forth and Science

If you ever wanted to know why the sky is blue, this is the episode to listen to. I talk with Dr. Brad Moser, a physics professor and fellow podcaster, about light. That’s a pretty broad topic, but we try to touch on as many fun facts and explanations as we can in 20 minutes. We also talk about aliens and glaciers, because it wouldn’t be Go Forth and Science if we didn’t throw in some weird tangents as well.To see pictures of Dr. Moser’s adventures mentioned in this episode, head on over to my Instagram @goforthandscience or my Twitter @goforth_science. There will be lots of pretty views of rainbows, sunrises, and turquoise glacial lakes.
  1. On the Bright Side
  2. Stuff You Otter Know
  3. Getting Our Bearings
  4. Greener on the Other Side
  5. It's a ShinDig
  6. The Real Rock Stars
  7. How many rights are left?
  8. Claim to Flame
  9. An ImportAnt Topic
  10. Let's Get Down to Pacifics
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