Educational Materials

I was interviewed for a physics podcast! So if, for some reason, you needed more of me nerding out about glaciers… it now exists. Check out Physics Alive! for a great conversation about science communication, glaciers, and education. You can also listen wherever you get your podcasts.

Are you a visual learner, so listening to podcasts really isn’t your thing? Thanks to Deep Green Wilderness and SeaDoc Society, we do short educational videos now!

For podcast-related resources, head on over to the Podcast page.

Media Mentions

I was interviewed for my undergrad college’s alumni newsletter. I chat about dream jobs, going to school in Maine, Go Forth and Science, and how my college experiences led me to where I am today. You can read it here.

An article about me and my work was published in Maine Women Magazine, and I created a comic about sea level rise and marshes for the piece! You can read it, as well as stories from my college years in Maine here.

I’m in the hot seat this time! Check out my interview with the Women Mind the Water podcast, where I chat about science communication and my art. The video is available here, and the audio version is on iTunes. A transcript can be found on the Smithsonian’s Museum on Main Street page and more info about the episode is on Women Mind the Water’s Artivist Series page.

The Women Mind the Water podcast episode was also featured on TV! Watch the news story here.

Want to know how I draw my cartoons and what my inspiration is? Read the American Geophysical Union’s #DrawnToGeoscience blog post about my work!

Science is hard, science communication is harder. Check out Go Forth… and Science! on Let’s Do Something Big.